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CAST: Aldrich C. Allen, Tina Ballabio, Denise Barnard, Stephanie Bell, Kirstin Burbank, Marshall Davis, Babe Hack, Mark T.J. Lifrieri, Paul Plunkett, Pogo Saito, Alisa Steen, Christienne Wadsworth, and Andy Wolf


LA TIMES (Amy Schaumburg)

OSTSweet and Sour Tears showcases a “fusion of theater and dance” that director-choreographer Jessica Schroeder dubs “thrance.”  The evening has a workshop atmosphere as 14 actors attempt to dramatize and physicalize portions of Ray Charles’ “cry that often accompanies formal dance, it is refreshing to see actors letting it all hang out in this unconventional formant.  Body types are varied, footwear ranges from sexy black hose to dirty dare feet, and ensemble numbers gaily mix improvisation with fixed choreography.  The attempt is entertaining but the end result is mixed.  The sameness of music produces a tedious similarity in individual interpretation.  And though the company on the whole is intrepid, it only occasionally blends the drama of theater with the physicality of dance.  Requiring actors to use a dance medium alone to express ideas finds much of this group scurrying back to its strengths, reducing the range of physical expression to facial gymnastics, heavy sighs and tons of attitude.  


Thrance OST
Thrance Thrance


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