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CAST: Andy Bakkum, Joseph Beck, Kelly Ehlert, Suzie Heaton, Victor Isaac, Will Jude, Steve Neuman, Michelle O'Neil, Sean Ross, Bart Shattuck, Arimah Trinadad, Atim Udoffia, Stephanie Bell, and Andy Wolf


LA WEEKLY (Lovell Estelle III)

OSTLarry McCarthy’s “twisted tale of corruption, blackmail and murder” is a raucous spoof of the familiar film noir genre featuring music, song and dance. In 13 scenes with titles such as “King Rat,” “the Street” and “Pillow Talk,” we follow the exploits of Rosalind Riley (Jessica Schroeder), a.k.a. “The Dick,” whose cash problems and spate of dreary snoop joms seemingly ends when Daniel (Joseph Beck) pops into her low-rent office and proposes a “marriage of convenience” so that he can inherit his pop’s sizable fortune. Along with her flaky sidekick, Zach (Will Jude), she gradually finds herself in a pleasantly unpredictable snarl involving murder, a frame-up, bungling cops (Bart Shattuck, Suzie Heaton), and the wily maneuverings of the iniquitous Quisling (a fine portrayal by Victor Isaac notwithstanding some flubbed lines) and his band of thugs that includes the beautiful, seductive Sadie (a stellar Kelly Grete Ehlert). Of course, it all tidies up in a finale with some hilarious twists, but whil McCarthy’s script turns rather monotonous during the second act, this doesn’t detract from Cyd Fred and Lucious Bryant III’s smart direction or Schroeder’s sturdy choreography. The music features enjoyable selections from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Elmer Bernstein and the others. Outlaw Style Thrance Co. at the McCadden Place Theater, 1157 N. McCadden Pl., Hlywd.; Thurs.-sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m.; thru June 27. (323) 860-6503 Written 06/17/2004 (Lovell Estell III)

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