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Cast: Andy Bakkum, Joseph Beck, Courtney Berlo, David Busch, Kelly Grete Ehlert, Andrew Hernon, Victor Isaac, Melinda Kramer, Michelle Laurent, Cadry Nelson, and Konima Parkinson-Jones


Reviewed By Elizabeth Lopez

OSTA thoroughly entertaining production that fuses both theater and dance, Draw! Dance! And Die!(A Western Thrance, a farce written by Bill Bryant and Joshua Q. Lubarr,) is a fun summer western production, presented by The Outlaw Style Thrance Co., a tale of two sisters and a cousin who must face each other in order to make a wrong right, and to bring justice to the small town of Shakespeare. Lotta shootin and hootin going on. This show is a helluva a good time!

Ms. V. (Virginia), played by Andy Bakkum, is a loner, female gunslinger who meets a drifter cowboy named Levi Jones, Draw! Dance! And Die!played by David Busch, as she is heading back to her hometown of Shakespeare after learning that her dear old momma has passed on to greener pastures. Levy is immediately smitten with the raven haired beauty who is attacked by a bunch of gunslingers out to have her head before she reaches her destination. But Ms. V. is not deterred; she's on a mission - to meet with her little sister Carson, played by Kelly Grete Ehlert, and to find out her dying mother's last wishes in the reading of her will unknowing that this will unleash a series of events that could change her life, and the life of her sis Carson. A whole lotta trouble ensues.

OSTOther characters in the mix include Titas, played by Melinda Kramer; Stella, the bad to the bone cousin of the gun-slinging sisters, (Cadry Nelson) hell-bent on doing whatever it Draw! Dance! And Die! takes to keep the lands and the saloon belonging to her dear, and now deceased, old aunt while trying to get rid of the sisters who stand to inherit all if they manage to appear to the reading of the will. Titas hungers for money and power which ultimately compel her into a murderous rampage, helped by her love-slave Abner. The plot thickens when Titas is ordered to marry Greely, played by Victor Isaac, a skinny, naïve city slicker who shows up to dutifully marry Titus in order to gain a woman, and an inheritance. Melinda Kramer gives a terrific performance as the greedy, half-crazed cousin whose voracious sexual appetite and unmeasured greed drive her to the point of murder. The dim-witted Abner, played by Andrew Hernon, is terrific as her brutish lover, and a natural born killer. Sally, Sadie, Mabel Hanson, played by Courtney Berlo, and Lucky, played by Joseph Beck, and Victor Isaac as Greely also give notable performances.

OSTThis is fun show with a little bit of a gender-bending twist that is sure to please most audiences. I highly recommend this show for its exciting dance sequences and hilarious physical comedy. These characters are lively and the performances very entertaining. It's a two-hour show that really delivers. If you loved Christmas Thrance 2004, you'll love this show.

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